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Zarui Vardanean soloist  of National Opera and Ballet Theatre Rep. of Moldova
As Carmen, the promiscuous cigarette factory worker, Zarui Vardanean’s acting as a Spanish Romany was as "authentic” as I have seen - passionate, devious, ruthless and disloyal. Her voice was also finely tuned both to her marvellous arias and the bruising confrontations.
Stan Meares ( 8th June 2009 ; Bucks Free Press )
Egyptian princess Amneris, Zarui Vardanean, a brilliant and effective actress.
( Notes from Middle England ; 10 June 2009 )

Let’s raise a glass of fine Moldovan champagne to the wonderful Zarui Vardanean. She played Amneris on Tuesday night in Aida, and followed it on Wednesday night with one of the most demanding femaleBut Zarui went straight from Egyptian princess to gypsy princess, and once again inhabited the character utterly. She looks the part, of course -- dark skinned, with flashing eyes and long black hair -- and she certainly acted it -- wilful and determined.
Chris Ramsden ( Notes from middle England ; 10 June 2009 )

Yet it is Zarui Vardanean`s Mezzo-soprano voice and perfect dark gypsy-beauty,combined with the rare ability for an opera star to act, which will live long in memory.Vardanean not only takes on the role of Carmen,she possesses it lock, stock and barrel and turns the whole show into something quite exceptional.
Published Monday 8 December 2008 at 11:35 by Chris High
( The Stage what`s on reviews )
But the triumph and revelation of the evening was Zarui Vardanean as Amneris. She began by being magnificently spiteful to Aida, a powerhouse of Machiavellian manipulation, full of plans and stratagems to ensure she gets her man - but ultimately she is humbled by the discovery of how powerless she actually is. The most moving point in the opera is in the closing moments, when Amneris prays for forgiveness and wishes the lovers peace as they die in each other's arms. The staging of this was really beautiful - somehow they got the light to fade from the bodies so that they appeared to be vanishing, melting into the gathering dark. It was literally a hair-raising moment.

 As Carmen, Zarui Vardanean was engaging and alluring, her seductive charm steadily growing throughout the performance. Singing the Habanera, Vardanean was playful, but the brisk tempo prevented the characteristic lingering seductive phrases from being expressed fully. Vardanean was charming and teasing.(Review: Carmen, Chisinau National Opera at the New Alexandra Theatre Birmingham Post 2013/03/08)

Зловещую колдунью , настоящего демона удалось создать
Заруи Варданян( Ульрика) - для этого у певицы есть и талант драматической
актрисы и в целом убедительное пение :звучные верхи,тяжелые,густые нижние ноты.

Александр Матусевич. Кишинев - Москва.

Великолепен в опере образ Любаши,
Бывшей возлюбленной героя,
Покинутой им.Это гордая тонко
чувствующая душа.

Мне понравилась глубина и трагическая
страстность натуры героини

В контральтовом вокале Заруи Варданян.
Елена Вдовина.
Сайт газеты " Кишиневские Новости”-

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